Installation: Metro Irrigation will design a professional and personalized irrigation system just for you.
     Whether you want only the grass or gardens watered, or both, your sprinkler system will effectively
     and efficiently water your property just as intended. We only install contractor grade materials. Our
     prices are very competitive, with upgrades and options readily available on all systems. We won't
     quote you what you don't need, and we include everything in our base quotes to suit your needs.
     You can trust us. We are happy to install and service any properties, small or big! Not only are we
     the irrigation experts, but we can help you with sump pump and gutter drainage problems.

What our systems include:
  • Hunter Timer in garage (if possible)
  • Hunter Wireless Rain Sensor.
  • Brass Backflow Preventer (required under NJ State code).
  • Full copper plumbing tap to the outside backflow preventer, with stainless steel shut-off valve.
  • Master Valve.
  • Hunter Zone Valves.
  • Hunter Rotor Heads and Hunter Spray Heads.
  • Poly line connection will have insert fittings, not saddle.

New System Warranty: Metro Irrigation offers 5 years warranty (please call for details). Warranty does             not protect against extreme weather damage or vandalism.

Spring Start-up and Inspection (March, April and May) consist of:                             
  • Turn on main sprinkler water supply.
  • The back flow preventer will be pressurized and checked for any leaks.
  • Controller, rain sensor and each individual zone will be tested for proper operation.    
  • Check for breaks and any leaks in the system. 
  • Clean and remove grass and debris around all rotor and pop-up heads to ensure proper function.
  • Adjust heads and make sure they are rotating for accurate coverage.
  • Program controller and replace batteries if needed.

Summer Check-up (June, July and August):
  • Adjustments will be made based on changes in shrub growth or varying weather conditions.
  • Main and lateral lines will be inspected for leaks.
  • Check each individual zone and adjust heads for appropriate operation and coverage.
  • Check and adjust the sprinkler controller and rain sensor for proper function.

Winterization (September, October and November):
  • Close down all water sources to the irrigation system only.
  • Water from all main lines, lateral lines, valves and heads will be blown out with compressed air.
  • Shut off controller.
     Prices start @ $65.00.

     Winterizations need to be performed before weather conditions get below freezing. Frozen pipes
     can cause cracks and breakage which can damage or destroy your entire system. We use high
     volume air compressor (much more important than air pressure) at the optimal air pressure in order
     to ensure a safe but efficient winterization. Winterizing your sprinkler system every fall is essential to
     avoid massive damage. We will always send you a friendly reminder informing you to schedule
     these vital services. The earlier you schedule these services the faster we will be able to
     accommodate your request.
Repair and Trouble Shooting: Metro Irrigation technicians are highly experienced in repair and
     troubleshooting sprinkler systems. We get in, find the problem fast, give you a quote before any   
     repairs are done and fix the problem!
     Service Call starts @ $65.00 for first half hour.

     Repairs can be done along with any of the above service visits, if time allows, for an additional cost,
     or at any other time during the season with a scheduled appointment. Repairs will not be made
     without the customer's consent.

     The following are repairs that we provide:
  • Repair or replace sprinkler Controller (Timer), Rain Sensor.
  • Detected and repaired wires problem.
  • Diagnose and repair Low Pressure problems.
  • Replace broken or malfunctioning heads.
  • Replace nozzles as needed for better coverage.
  • Rise, lower, add and move heads.
  • Repair or replace Backflow Preventer (PVB).
  • Fix Shut Off valve.
  • Repair or replace zone and master valves as needed.
  • Fix breaks or leaks and making necessary repairs.

     How We Charge for Repairs: All repair prices are based on time and materials. This allows the work             to be done properly and effectively, without the repair person doing as little as possible to try to   
     uphold a previously provided estimate that does not cover all of the problems. Since neither  the 
     customer nor the service technician can see underground, any repair estimate is just a guess at
     best. Time and material based pricing is not only a fairer way to deal with an irrigation system repair,
     but it also results in the customer getting a better job, while only paying for work actually done.

Maintenance Package: Metro Irrigation has created a preventative maintenance program to extend the 
     life of your system and make sure it stays in top condition during the season. This program consists
     of a combined package of all the services that are necessary to maintain your sprinkler system, and
     includes a 15% discount on additional labor rate and parts throughout the contract year.

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